Myth busting post-pregnancy weight loss

Relax! After giving birth it’s normal to look…pregnant!

It’s every woman’s dream to immediately lose their pregnancy pounds. However, the first myth to bust is that having an instantly stick-thin figure after birth is normal. Well it isn’t! Although miraculous images of washboard stomachs have become a popular self-promotion tool of the rich and famous, the reality is that this has more to do with Photoshop than good genes.

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Dreaded morning sickness

Dreaded morning sickness. It’s the infamous curse of early pregnancy that causes misery for so many newly expectant mothers.

Today it seems outrageous to think that until relatively recently, morning sickness was often attributed by doctors to hysteria by women, assuming they were simply highly anxious or stressed. Thank heavens medical wisdom has moved on since then. However, it’s still a common misconception that only a minority of women suffer, when in fact around 85 percent of pregnant women are estimated to suffer to some degree.

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Is caffeine safe during pregnancy?

Is caffeine safe during pregnancy? It’s the million dollar question for many expectant mothers and one that still continues to divide opinion. Since the explosion of mainstream “coffee culture” began about ten years ago, there has been increasing debate about whether mothers should be consuming caffeine during pregnancy, and if so at what levels.

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